Trevor Rainbolt

The founder of CurryLegion, DurantLegion, and KlayLegion. Trevor Rainbolt is a social media manager and well-esteemed content creator. Trevor has amassed over 1.1M followers since founding his Instagram pages. Trevor is currently working for Wave TV as lead content for @Buckets. Utilizing his proficient skills in producing and editing, Trevor is able to create unique and custom content for his audience using his distinct voice.


Liam Devin

Liam Devin is a social media manager and content creator with over 900,000 followers. He began at DurantLegion in July 2016 shortly after it was established. Over the past two years Liam has gained almost 100,000 followers on the account, including Kevin Durant himself. Liam currently works for Wave TV as a content creator, co-managing @Buckets.